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What's The Latest On The Apple Car?

Yes rumours have once again surfaced about Apple getting involved in the auto industry.

Latest Apple News

It seems that whilst some people are completely writing off the idea of the Apple Car or as its wrongly named iCar, Ford is welcoming the competition. Don Butler, Executive Director of Ford Connected Vehicles said "we welcome others joining. We welcome the activity that's in the space. We think it's exciting. It's actually changed that we are embracing".

Apple Car Fan Rendering

*Apple Fan Artist Impression

Some of you may not know that the late co-founder and former CEO Apple, Steve Jobs had original plans to design and build a car. According to Apple board member and J. Crew Group CEO Mickey Drexler, who said that discussions about the concept surfaced around the time that Tesla Motors debuted its first car. He was curious and interested in the project back in 2008, shortly after the iPhone was revealed in 2007.


Rumours have been off and on over the years but with Buisness Insider claimed to have spoken with an Apple employee, they claimed the company is working on an "exciting" new product that will "give Telsa a run for its money."


What will the Apple Car feature?

Lets be honest we're all thinking this. We already have Apple CarPlay which is no doubt be an addition to the Apple Car. Whether it'll be motor powered or electric? Who knows? Apple rumoured to borrow some tech from BMW, which has been meeting with Apple according to reports.


When will the Apple Car be released?
The real answer is nobody really knows. The project has to be officially announced before the leaks and rumours start to come in over the course of months and years. Bloomberg has said that the Car could potentially arrive in 2020, after speaking with sources who say that's when it will begin production of its own electric vehicle. It tends to take automakers around five to seven years to develop a car, so 2020 sounds like a good bet to us. The Wall Street Journal, however, says that the Apple Car could appear as soon as 2019.

Here's some examples of some silly fan renders taken from the internet. Sometimes it's good to have a laugh over them.

Fan impression of Apple Car

Just wait... This one is much worse!

Fan impression of Apple Car