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Bond Car Chase Leaked Online: Aston Martin DB10 v Jaguar CX75

James Bond Car ChaseJames Bond's Silver Aston Martin DB10 has been spotted taking on the Spectre villain's Jaguar CX75 in recent leaked scenes of a dramatic high-speed car chase. The scenes are part of Daniel Craig’s upcoming Bond film: Spectre, which is based in Italy and sees the actor take on the infamous 007 persona for the fourth time.

The scenes were filmed on Wednesday evening and showed a high-speed car chase between a Jaguar and Bond's beloved Aston Martin along the banks of the River Tiber in Rome. It has been rumoured that this chase in question is to end with one of the cars plunging into the river!

Aston Martin bosses are keeping quiet the vehicle’s exact specification top secret, however the model is thought to be a DB10 made especially for the movie. According to sources online, the luxury British manufacturer does not plan to release the vehicle for public sale until after it has been driven by Bond. This is to avoid possible rivals from copying the new models ‘sleek design’. Aston Martin has revealed that they worked very closely with the film’s director, Sam Mendes, to create 'the ultimate car for the world's most famous spy'.

Frustratingly, producers of the film are also keeping quiet about what new cool gadgets the car will have. Following on from the notorious ejector seat, built-in defibrillator and rocket launchers of previous films, we cannot wait to see what they come up with!.

Jaguar car chase Aston MartinThe Spectre film will mark the 50th anniversary of the association between James Bond and Aston Martin, which started with Sean Connery driving the iconic DB5 in the Goldfinger film.

The production for this latest Bond film has run in to several obstacles to date when trying to create the jaw dropping car chase scenes that we all love. A car chase which the production team had attempted to shoot earlier this year which would of seen Daniel Craig race his state of the art DB10 around Rome’s city baroque fountains had to be cancelled as a result of protests by the city's Cultural Heritage officials.

Another issue which arose actually left the leading actor injured behind the wheel whilst filming an alternative car chase scene on the closed off central streets of Rome in February. The secret agent’s motor hit a large bump in the road which resulted in the actor taking a hefty bump to the head. The injury was deemed by medical professionals as not being serious however a stuntman did have to take over for the rest of the shoot.

La Repubblica, and Italian newspaper commented on the incident stating: ‘The streets of Rome have managed to accomplish what the secret agents of Her Majesty’s secret service never could - a knockout blow to 007!’

Please see the video below for footage: