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The Benefits of Performance Ceramic Coating

Zircotec Ceramic Coating

Did you guys check out our MDX607 Performance Ceramic Coating post on Facebook during the festive holiday?

As proud Zircotec authorised distributors, we recently provided performance white ceramic coating for one of our latest hybrid turbochargers, the MDX607. We use Zircotec’s thermohold technology for ceramic coating which not only leaves your turbocharger and manifold looking pretty spectacular, it also has great performance enhancing benefits!  

The ceramic coating provides excellent heat protection, minimising the heat transfer process which naturally occurs between engine parts such as the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger. This process can be extremely damaging for both cars and motorcycles and can create safety issues, reduce component reliability and performance and cause damage to expensive finishes.

Zircotec’s performance ceramic coating not only protects heat sensitive components, it also reduces the temperature underneath the bonnet, and reduces (if not eliminates) fuel vaporisation. As a result of an overall lower temperature, any air entering the engine via an inlet manifold also becomes cooler, producing a denser charge and a greater power output.

Greater Power = Better Performance!

The coating has an extraordinarily high thermal barrier that is lightweight, compact, durable and at the forefront of technology. Its outstanding results have cemented Zircotec's popularity amongst Motorsport and Formula One teams for the past twenty years.

Hybrid Turbos offer Zircotec’s ceramic coating technology in a range of colours including: Performance White (as seen above), Diamond Black, Graphite, Chilled Red, Warm Grey, Yellow Gold, Solid Black, Sterling Silver, Fern Green, Ultra Blue, Metallic Black, Antique Silver, Copper, Aqua Green and Aged Brown.

Zircotec's Performance Ceramic Coating Colour Range available from Hybrid Turbos

We are able to provide ceramic coating technology to a large range of turbochargers and turbocharger related components including manifolds, exhaust pipes and headers and external wastegates. If there is a component not mentioned which you are interested in getting Ceramic Coated, or if you would like more general information about this service please give us a call 01202 487497 or alternatively drop us an email at

To view our full range of Hybrid Turbochargers, including the MDX607 as shown above, please click here.