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Porsche 911 Turbo KW HLS System

We see it everywhere, right? Cars that are so low that they cannot quite make it over speed bumps or up steep driveways. Or suspensions so hard that they cannot take ANY obstacle in its stride -whether it be an uneven road surface, a pot hole or worse, a spec of gravel… leaving the shortest of journeys feeling like a ride on the fairground dodgems.

Well we think we may have found the solution for all of those affected!

If you are looking to improve the suspension of ANY vehicle, not just the super low ones, then check out the KW Coilover Spring Kits which can be found at Vividracing. The KW team recently installed the KW HLS 2 system spring kit on to a stunning Porsche 991 Turbo with awesome results. Not only did it produce the smoothest of rides, but it also allows the front end of the Porsche to be lifted, when necessary, at the push of a button! Paint work damage due to grounding could really be a thing of the past!

Check out the awesome video below and make sure to get sharing guys.