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Russian SEAT advert, still doing the rounds!

Featuring: Yana Yatskovskaya 

Well, sadly we have never quite seen a car showroom like the one featured in the Russian SEAT advert!

The provocative advert produced by a Russian SEAT Car Dealership, featuring Russian model and actress Yana Yatskovskaya, is still raising eyebrows three years on!

Yatskovskaya, who portrays what we guess to be a car sales person in the advert, parades around the showroom after closing hours in very little clothing… sure did set the pulses of viewers racing!

In the advert, which lasts over a minute in length, shows the actress give what describe as a - “a buffing, without a shammy in sight!”

However, the highly coveted and sexualised advert has left viewers slightly confused as it is not entirely clear what the advert is actually trying to say…

Therefore we have decided to come up with a suggestion our self:

Shut up and take my money!

Check out the video below! – Warning… it is probably best that you do not view this in your place of work #NSFW



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