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The New Nissan GT-R  

According to a recent interview between Nissan’s creative boss, Shiro Nakamura, and Top Gear, the new highly coveted ‘R36’ GT-R will have a front-engine and will be a 2+2 hybrid coupe car.

Nissan GT-R 2018 Concept Image

The highly anticipated vehicle is set to be released in 2018, “at the earliest” according to Shiro. During the interview, when quizzed about how the new GT-R will look, Shiro revealed that none of the images which have been appearing online recently are anywhere near to the actual design of the vehicle:

Shiro Nakamura: Not one of them is close [to how the car will look]

Top Gear: But what about the Vision Gran Turismo (pictured left)? Any GT-R clues in that virtual concept car?

Shiro Nakamura: Maybe some elements from the front and rear, but that is a mid-engined car. Mizuno-san [the GT-R's legendary father] says the GT-R will always be a front-engined 2+2-seater coupe.

The reason for the long wait until the new model is released, Shiro reveals, is because there are still many improvements that can be made to the current model which is still selling healthily and is updated every year. Updates include revised styling, improved suspension and newer computer software.

Shira states that the GT-R's team believe that there are more performance capabilities to “squeeze from the current car”, which at present can already run 2.8 seconds from 0-62mph and can lap the German race course, Nurburgring, in 7 minutes and 8 seconds!

As long term supporters of the global manufacturer, and as specialists in GT-R turbocharging, we for one cannot wait to see the new Nissan R36 GT-R... but sadly, we have no choice!