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Who Is Top Gear Looking To Bring Back?

With Chris Evans out of the picture...

BBC Studio boss says fans "enjoyed the other Chris" - just not Evans.

Which Top Gear Presenters Are Coming Back?


So after the new series of Top Gear, the fans had their say and Evans was dropped, but who out of the other co-hosts will make a return?

BBC Studios boss Mark Linsey has heavily hinted in the past that we might see a future for Matt LeBlanc potentially taking the lead. Rory Reid and Chris Harris as an ensemble piece has also been rumoured.

Linsey has already suggested that he's not looking to replace Evans.

"Matt LeBlanc was an important part of that ensemble, clearly the viewers enjoyed Matt LeBlanc, and we want him to come back. Clearly they enjoyed the other Chris (Harris), and Rory (Reid) - they have told us that"

Top Gear Hosts

"All the elements were there of an ensemble rather than just focusing it on Chris (Evans), and I think that is evident in the way that we produced it. There will be change, but we will be building on the characters that worked, ie Rory, Chris and Matt LeBlanc."

Linsey also went onto saying that "Top Gear was a phenomenon, but it certainly didn't start as a phenomenon. It grew over time. When you are trying something new, albeit with a well-known format, but certainly with a new cast, it is going to take time. If you look at the first series of the Clarkson era of Top Gear it didn't have James May in it. It took 10 years to grow and the new Top Gear needs time to grow. It certainly didn't surprise me it didn't do the audience figures of the previous series."

Matt LeBlanc is expected to make a return, especially after he said at a TV showcase that he is still interested. "I'd like to (return), but there's nothing officially happening yet," he said.

How do you feel about the line up? Would you have it differently?