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Hybrid Turbos

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Turbo Repairs & Servicing 

Turbo Repairs

A common cause of turbo failure is down to carbon build up. There are many products that can help reduce the carbon build up within a turbocharger however the most effective way of removing this issue is to have your turbo stripped down and cleaned our blasting and cleaning services.

We have comprehensive facilities in-house to allow us to both service and repair your turbocharger. Our factory is equipped with both automatic and manual bead, shot/glass and blasting and cleaning services for a vast range of turbo components which varies from small parts such as smart car compressor wheels to exhaust castings from a large commercial ferry. On top of this we have chemical cleaning facilities for delicate components where even the softest of blasting may be too much.

Many people attempt to clean their own turbo using household solvents or chemicals. This is not as effective and in some cases can damage the turbo and or its components leading to complete turbo failure and a rather expensive bill at the end of it. So to save money and still receive a quality and professional outcome we highly recommend that turbo cleaning is carried out by specialists using the correct blasting and cleaning equipment to avoid damage of the turbocharger.

Cost of Repair / Servicing 

We offer a competitive Cost Of Repair service for any turbo in need of an overhaul and we can also carry out wastegate repairs where required. We are often asked by our customers to carry out turbo upgrades at the same time for an increase in performance and reliability, as this is an ideal opportunity, whilst the turbocharger has already been removed from its application. Through customer feedback, this has become a very common occurrence when having their turbo repaired. To find out what turbo upgrades we can potentially offer visit our turbo upgrades page under services or Contact Us 

Turbo Repair Process:

1. First we can arrange collection of the turbo on your behalf (you will be charged for this collection). You are, of course, welcome to send or drop the turbo in yourself.

2. Upon receiving the turbo we will strip it down and proceed with the inspection. 

3. We provide a FREE failure analysis and quote for the cost of your specific turbo repairs including any additional upgrade work previously discussed.

4. We will contact you with the issues found and if you are happy with the agreed quote of repair then we will proceed with the turbo repairs.

5. If you decided not to proceed with the turbo repairs then we can arrange for the turbocharger to be sent back to you (there will be a charge for the return carriage) or we can dispose of the turbocharger for you.

Repair and servicing work can be carried out to your existing turbo from as little as £195.00+VAT and, because we are market leaders in hybrid turbo technology, you can be sure that not only will we bring your failed turbocharger back to life, it will be better than ever! If you require an urgent repair we can offer same day and While-U-Wait repairs for an additional charge, however you must specify this at the time of booking. If you would like to read more about our turbocharger failure analysis please Click Here

Is your Turbo in need of repair? enquire today by Contacting Us or call us on 01202 487497

Turbo Wastegate Repairs

Turbo Wastegate RepairWe can carry out turbo repairs to your damaged or faulty wastegate if required so don't hesitate, contact us today.

Our most common turbine housing wastegate repairs include:

• Replacing Worn Wastegate Valve Seats and Bushes
• Arm and Valve Assemblies
• Replacement Crank Arms and Pin Assemblies 
• Repairs to cracked Wastegate ports (where possible)
• Manufacture of obsolete Wastegate components 

 To discuss the fault and for a FREE diagnosis. call us today on: 01202 487497


Turbocharger Repair